Creating a
new living reality

Let us guide you into the new revolution of virtual and augmented reality. Enhance the experience of your field, with a controled, alternative reality of your own design.

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VR engineering & consulting

We are a team of engineers, researchers, psychologists and architects which enjoy the art and science behind virtual reality. Immersive environments create the perception of being physically present in a computer siluated world, opening the door to infinite possibilities.

We have discovered that virtual reality is a tool of enhancement for each of our fields. We combine approaches from the arts and sciences to stretch the boundaries of virtual reality and to provide new and innovative solutions for your business.


Consulting and workshops, out of the box VR/AR Solutions, customized development, hardware rental






Help your clients
visualize their dreams

Bring your architectural creations into reality.
Visualize and navigate your buildings
with the aid of Virtual Reality.

  • 3D reconstruction of your designs
  • Smart navigation inside and outside of your buildings
  • Immersive design tools for real time notes and fixes of the design
  • Furniture

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behavioral therapy

Improve thinking patterns
and behavior with the aid of VR

Immerse yourself in the virtual cognitive reality therapy. VR will help you set up the required scenarios to help your patients.

3D visualization and immersion provides an easier tool for controlled scenarios and long term treatments.

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Controlled experiments in diverse environments

Ice cream pudding apple pie. Danish bear claw toffee pastry jelly beans sweet chupa chups topping chocolate.

  • Cookie cake sugar plum.
  • Pastry halvah topping.

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